Equipment Leasing


Most businesses require equipment in order to operate their businesses. Equipment leasing programs and related financing’s can be helpful to all types of commercial businesses, large and small acquire the equipment they need to conduct their business operations. Each business has to make the best procurement choice based on numerous factors such as cash flow, balance sheet impact and available credit lines. Equipment finance offers flexible choices that can work with the diverse objectives of most businesses.

HEAVY EQUIPMENTDozens or reputable equipment finance companies are responsible for financing a substantial portion of the nation’s capital expenditure budget through a multitude of financial products and strategies and are engaged in origination’s and primary and secondary market financing activities.

Seventy-two percent of U.S. companies use some form of financing to acquire equipment, including personal and bank loans, leases and lines of credit (excluding credit cards). Each year American businesses, nonprofits and government agencies invest over $1.28 trillion in capital goods and software (excluding real estate). Some 57%, or $827 billion billion, is financed through loans, leases and other financial instruments. America’s equipment finance companies are the source of such financing, providing access to DUMP TRUCKcapital. Equipment finance companies also finance the export of U.S. manufactured products abroad.

Equipment leasing lets you address all of your equipment needs with one monthly payment that can work perfectly with your budget. So keep your business running efficiently and smoothly, call us today, let us discuss your equipment financing and leasing needs.