Investor Relations


clock-head--finalInvestor relations is all about the process of capturing eyeballs and creating an audience. With over 20 years experience in both investor and public relations, HFS has created one of the largest retail investor advertising networks in North America. Only the “Best Of Breed” service providers and advertising partners, which includes newsletter publishers, social media specialist, editors, analysts, radio talk show personalities, and research writers are utilized in our audience creation and corporate visibility programs. Working closely with our clients and professional network partners, HFS can create and implement marketing and advertising programs that deliver high impact and measurable results.

Your success is our success, which is why HFS engages in a true partnership with our clients. HFS has partnered with a diverse group of talented and respected professionals whom have joined forces with us in order to create a cost effective advertising network dedicated to publicly traded Companies. Our services focus on small cap stocks that trade on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, and OTC exchanges.  We use our knowledge of the markets and economy to provide our clients with a better perspective on how to approach their marketing decisions.

Our Valuequities Newsletter provides subscribers with a unique look into the world of Value Investing!  This free publication, consistently provides our active subscribers with unique investment ideas, and we use this online distribution vehicle, on a selective basis, to distribute our clients press releases to this captive and receptive audience. CLICK on the link at the bottom of this page to sign up for this FREE publication.

Hanover Financial services has the resources, flexibility and experience to offer our clients the right media solutions to help them meet their marketing goals and objectives. CREATING LIQUIDITY IS OUR CHALLENGE AND THE ULTIMATE GOAL.

HFS Public Awareness Campaign Development and Management Services

* Scalable Email Marketing Campaigns
* Social Media Advertising Programs              
* Website Visibility Campaigns              
* Print and Media Ad Placement Services             
* Banner Advertising Campaigns          
* Telemarketing Services              
* Independent Research Reports
* Road Shows and Database Management
* Press Release Distribution Programs
* Conference Presentation Materials and Scheduling

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