Using Social Media to Create a “Buzz”


An effective social media campaign is all about posting timely and relevant content through multiple media outlets, connecting with your audience through topics which they feel passionate about and which resonate in the social media universe.

The average global Internet user spends two and a half hours daily on social media and social media networks are now becoming a major source of consumer “big data,” including demographic, location information, and data about people’s interests, tastes, and habits.   innovative marketers are creating their own social media networks while some service providers pay for the privilege of advertising directly to this highly targeted audience. And these social media networks are available to every advertiser large and small.

Its a fact, Social media advertising is working and is quickly becoming a critical ingredient of a comprehensive marketing program. Recent data which breaks down how and where advertising money is spent around the world, shows that the internet remains the fastest growing area for investment. Advertising across the web grew by a further 32.4 percent in 2013. Yet, it still only represents 4.5 percent of total global advertising spend. At 57.6 percent TV is still most advertisers’ primary medium.

social media shadowedSome social network users already feel that there are too many ads popping up on their smart phones, internet devices and in their news feeds, but advertising is becoming an integral element of social media, as long as the service remains subscription-free.

Blog, chats, Tweets, text messaging, and message boards are all components of social media and can be used effectively to convey and distribute content. The viral universe is a wash with chatter and is the quickest way to get content out in a connected world.  HFS works with a wide variety of experienced and savvy service providers who know how to create content and get it distributed through these social media outlets. So contact us today and find out how your business can go viral.