Get Your Information Found Online by Customers, Consumers and Investors


Stand out from the crowd:  Almost all investment decisions made today are affected by the massive amounts of information communicated to investors through various symbols and stereotypes that companies now use to help create their corporate images.  This information overload creates in the human mind a penchant for quick impressions. Therefore, the need for public companies to create a Corporate Imaging Program that solicits an initial positive investor impression is paramount for companies approaching the securities industry.

Web Site Development: Let the Internet maximize your companies’ exposure to professional investors!  The Internet allows companies to create relationships with a targeted audience more rapidly than ever before and can also be a powerful marketing tool for branding a company domestically and internationally. And the Internet is the ultimate tool for the average investor, because it provides a means of uncovering information about a public company with the click of a mouse.

The key to an effective web site marketing program is the ability to keep the content current, encouraging visitors to return to the site time and time again. And HFS believes that an effective Company web site is an essential component of an effective Corporate Visibility Program.

HFS can provide our clients with professional web development contractors who will offer the client a variety of web site development services including data base management programs, custom web site design and maintenance, content development, and site optimization marketing programs.

HFS also works with clients to get their corporate information placed on high visibility financial web sites that generate significant unique visitor traffic. We make sure that your content, including press releases, corporate profiles, videos, and management interviews are placed on the landing pages of highly visible retail investor web sites which will be displayed, 24/7.

shadowed-skyline-two-FinalThe information prominently displayed on these web site can include:

* Corporate profiles and a company summary,
* Links to the clients corporate web site,
* Links to past press releases,
* Current stock quote.


All of these web site owners publish and distribute double opt-in online publications which are used to distribute a clients press releases and corporate update. CONTACT US today for additional information on our online marketing programs.